ENGLAND 2023: The Best-Laid Plans…

On March ninth, almost a month ago, I posted about my upcoming book research trip to England and everything I hoped to see and do while there (March 9, Being There). I’m writing this in a comfortable British Airways Airbus 380, jetting home to the States. Soon we’ll be home and back in our routines. That means it’s time to reflect on the reality of the trip vs. my admittedly rose-colored dreams. What didn’t turn out as I hoped? What exceeded my expectations? Most importantly, what will make it into my manuscript?

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Poison Them with Love

These holiday seasons seem just as much about food and sitting down with family and friends as they are about gifts or any religious significance.

As I looked at my bounty of treats that included a metric ton of Christmas chocolate and even an authentic Jamaican Rum Cake baked by a friend from her grandmother’s recipe, my thoughts turned, as they are wont, to murder weapons. Specifically, poison.

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A Good Book for Christmas

Christmas at our cottage in northern Wisconsin has become one of the rare occasions when I allow myself the luxury and pure enjoyment of reading–actually turning the pages, I mean. Let me set the stage: Outside, snow is falling. The Christmas tree is lit and a fire is blazing in the hearth. At my elbow is a cup of steaming spiced tea. The dog is curled up next to me on the sofa. So what am I planning to read this year? Five books in two weeks. Here’s my list.

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