Author: Tracee de Hahn

Spending time with Agatha Christie

Dame Agatha died nearly 50 years ago, and her life has been documented in biographies, her works read, re-read and analyzed. This year, though, there are two works of fiction that give another sort of insight into Agatha’s world. What a treat for fans!

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Have you forgotten how to spell?

Spell check. Auto correct. Good or bad? I clearly don’t think they are terrible, or I would disable them on my computer. However . . . and this is big however . . . are they the crutch I didn’t need and now can’t live without?

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Is there a cycle to the writing year?

< Labor Day weekend is over (and surely all the school's across America have started). Clothes are being eyed for a stint in the attic or under the bed, and sweaters are a necessity in the early morning in even the southern states. For me, this is the start of a new cycle. New Year's Day is a date on the calendar, but fall signals something deeper. >

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Tips for writing in a cafe

Seeking refuge in a writing place not your own? JK Rowling did it, Brad Parks does. The trick is to know what you need from your home away from home. In other words, make it work.

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Pen names. To have or have not.

Did you ever consider using a pseudonym for your writing? Why or why not. And if you have a second writing life we don’t know about confess now! although you don’t have to give away your secret life just hint broadly.

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