Author: Tracee de Hahn

How characters evolve

Fictional characters regularly hit life’s highs and lows. They evolve through experiences so off the chart most of us will never experience them; and hopefully not in the space of a few days. Lost your job, your husband left you, your child is a troublemaker AND then the story starts.

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Classic horror movies

There is still time left in the month to get your fill of horror movies before Halloween, hopefully saving a favorite for the big day. Here are my top classic horror movie picks guaranteed to make you sleep with one eye open.

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Spending time with Agatha Christie

Dame Agatha died nearly 50 years ago, and her life has been documented in biographies, her works read, re-read and analyzed. This year, though, there are two works of fiction that give another sort of insight into Agatha’s world. What a treat for fans!

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