Author: Tracee de Hahn

The Locked Room Mystery

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Later this summer I set sail across the Atlantic on the Queen Mary II, the perfect place for a locked room mystery! While much larger than Agatha Christie’s vessel in Death on the Nile, it has a common essential element – no one can come on or off. If you aren’t familiar with the idea of a locked room mystery, here are a few essentials and a confession.

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Writing characters that matter

Cover of When No One is Watching

Some characters make a lasting impression. Whether writing or reading we want characters that are memorable. But in a good way, an authentic way. Perhaps even a character we can learn from. I recently came across a character that stood out from the very beginning.

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Edwin Hill – The Secrets We Share

I’m delighted to have Edwin Hill with us today! Edwin is the Edgar- and Agatha-award nominated author of three novels in the Hester Thursby series. His first standalone thriller, The Secrets We Share, will arrive in bookstores March 29th. (Comment on this post or on Facebook for a chance to win! But do it by launch day, March 29)

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Which POV to use.

One of the first choices an author makes when putting pen to paper is point of view (POV). Although not always a conscious decision, it sets a key path for the story. 

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