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This New Year’s Eve will be especially exciting for me. First, because 2022 HAS to be better than 2021 was, right? We’ll be getting COVID under control, either through vaccinations or growing immunity, and soon we’ll have more options open for socialization and entertainment—at least I hope so. And there will be a ton of fabulous new mystery novels ready for publication, including Emilya’s Behind the Lie, coming February 8!

The second reason I’m excited for 2022 is because book 2 in my Fin Fleming Sea Adventures Thriller series of books is coming out on January 31. 

Cover of Sunken Death

I love the main character in this series. Fin Fleming is a very accomplished underwater photographer, but she has trouble achieving the recognition she deserves because someone stole her work and then accused her of plagiarism. She also struggles with self-esteem and feelings of abandonment. 

All the books in the series are rollicking adventures and mystery/thriller books, but the real underlying theme is Fin’s struggle to find acceptance and a sense of family. You’ll have to read the books to find out what sets her heroine’s journey in motion.

Here’s the back cover copy for Sunken Death:

A few months after a death in her family, underwater photographer Fin Fleming is ready to move on with her life when she discovers the location of a fabled sunken treasure, the Queen’s Tiara. She lands a contract to film the recovery expedition and, despite the legend that says the treasure is cursed, she sets off on a mission with her sometimes boyfriend Liam, her almost stepbrother Oliver Russo, and her mother, the world famous oceanographer Maddy Russo.

The expedition runs into trouble when a band of pirates, a mysterious cabin cruiser, and Fin’s ex-husband follow her to the treasure’s location. Things get worse when all the divers start having nightmares about a woman imprisoned in the wreck pleading for her life. Then a rash of drug use breaks out among the crew.

As the situation worsens, Fin wonders if the curse is real. She begins to think so when sorrow, betrayal, and death by drowning—the very words in the ancient curse—stalk the treasure hunters.

Sunken Death is the second book in the Fin Fleming Sea Adventures Thriller series, and continues Fin’s heroine’s journey to find the family, friends, and love she needs.

Fun Fact: Most of the dives described in my book occur on actual dive sites in the Cayman Islands, and I dove every one of them. The Cayman Islands is one of the most exciting and beloved places in the world for divers.

And all the restaurants in the Fin Fleming mystery novels are places where I’ve actually eaten—or at the very least—sipped a margarita. The only exceptions are places where bad things happen. I made all those up.

Sunken Death is available as an eBook, paperback, or hard cover. 

Click here to buy Sunken Death, or here to purchase In Deep, the first book in the series.

And one lucky random commenter this month will win a free copy of both books. 

You could also win a free book by signing up for my newsletter subscription—one lucky winner per week. Just sayin’.



  1. Congratulations, Sharon! As someone who was fortunatate enough to read an ARC of Sunken Death, I can only say readers have a great read waiting for them. Unlike many subsequent books in series, Sunken Death did not disappoint and answered many questions while posing new ones. Now I can’t wait for #3. How long do I have to wait?

    1. What an awesome series! I am starting the 4th book this weekend. I can’t wait to see what Fin gets involved in this time! I’m also somewhat sad that there is only one more book in the series.

      1. Thanks, Trish. I’m really glad you like them. I have a lot more books planned for the series. After Hidden Depths, coming out in the spring, I’ll be working on Reef Secrets, then Sea Shadow, and a bunch more. As long as people keep reading them, I’ll keep writing them.
        Happy New Year.

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