Author: Emilya Naymark

What’s your Superpower?

Lately it seems we all need a little superpower to stay on top of the zooms and the general absurdness of pandemic life. Kids taking tests next to you at the dinner table while a winter storm knocks the power out? Zooming late into the night? What do you wish was your superpower?

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The Mighty Pen

A couple of years ago, back when we could do such things, I went to see a band at a Brooklyn nightspot. In performing what I thought would be a cursory rummage through my bag, the bouncers found my pens. All two dozen or so of them.

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The Worst-case Scenario

Reading about horrible things help us deal with them IRL.

From ancient myths to fairy tales to epic poems and literature of every era and genre, it’s the worst-case scenario that glues us to the page/stage/screen. We shudder and close our eyes trying to imagine what it’s like to go into battle or to lose someone we love. The story takes us by the hand and lets us live through the tension and fear, then lets us out at the end, still whole, our lives still intact.

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