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Hello World, Here I Come!

Launching a new book always feels a little like watching your child climb onto that big yellow school bus for the very first time. There she goes—your baby—into the big, wide world without you. In exactly a week—on May 10th—The Shadow of Memory, the fourth in the Kate Hamilton Mystery series, will make its debut. To celebrate, I’m giving away a signed copy (plus a few other goodies) to one lucky commenter during the month of May.

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Edwin Hill – The Secrets We Share

I’m delighted to have Edwin Hill with us today! Edwin is the Edgar- and Agatha-award nominated author of three novels in the Hester Thursby series. His first standalone thriller, The Secrets We Share, will arrive in bookstores March 29th. (Comment on this post or on Facebook for a chance to win! But do it by launch day, March 29)

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Free Stuff

As writers (at least as writers in the U.S.), we are expected to give away a portion of our product. We give away signed books, ebooks, short stories, novellas, etc.

And I don’t even want to put in writing what someone asked me to give away today. Let’s just say the request that landed in my inbox made me think long and hard about the value of a FREE THING.

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Sunken Death Release

This New Year’s Eve will be especially exciting for me. First, because 2022 HAS to be better than 2021 was, right? We’ll be getting COVID under control, either through vaccinations or growing immunity, and soon we’ll have more options open for socialization and entertainment—at least I hope so. And there will be a ton of fabulous new mystery novels ready for publication, including Emilya’s Behind the Lie, coming February 8! The second reason I’m excited for 2022 is because book 2 in my Fin Fleming Sea Adventures Thriller series of books is coming out on January 31.  I love the main character in this series. Fin Fleming is a very accomplished underwater photographer, but she has trouble achieving the recognition she deserves because someone stole her work and then accused her of plagiarism. She also struggles with self-esteem and feelings of abandonment.  All the books in the series are rollicking adventures and mystery/thriller books, but the real underlying theme is Fin’s struggle to find acceptance and a sense of family. You’ll have to read the books to find out what sets her heroine’s journey in motion. Here’s the back cover copy for Sunken Death: A few months after a death in her […]

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I’m so Happy to be Here!

My First Miss Demeanors Blog as a Member This is my inaugural blog as an official Miss Demeanor, so I wanted to devote the blog to thanking the group for inviting me in and being so welcoming.  First, I have to thank C. Michele Dorsey for extending the invitation to join. About eighteen months ago, Michele and I started having a weekly phone call to discuss our work and the state of the publishing industry. I had just been diagnosed with breast cancer—I’m fine now, so no worries—but between the treatments and COVID, I wasn’t allowed to leave the house. Those weekly conversations were a life saver, and I can never thank Michele enough for her time and friendship. As you probably know, Michele is the author of the award winning Sabrina Salter mystery series, and she has several amazing “stand alones” as well as another Sabrina mystery book almost ready for publication. Can’t wait. We also managed to talk our way into starting a self-publishing journey, and that too has been a blessing! Thanks to her encouragement, I published my first mystery thriller novel, In Deep, this year, and the second book in the Fin Fleming Thriller series, Sunken Death, is coming out on […]

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You Had Me at Jane Austen

Today Miss Demeanors is delighted to welcome mystery writer and teacher Jane K. Cleland, author of books on writing as well as the popular Josie Prescott Antiques mystery series. ONE LUCKY COMMENTER this month will win a signed copy of Jane’s latest book!

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Maggie Dove and the Lost Brides


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