Summer Kickoff

How Do You Celebrate Summer Coming?




Since today is the start of Memorial Day Weekend, the unofficial kickoff to summer, I’d like to know what’s your favorite part about the long weekend and the glorious days to follow. Do you have a ritual, or a “must do”–either for the holiday weekend or anytime during the summer?

Summer Ritual

When I was a kid, my family rented a campsite for the entire summer, and today would have been the day we packed all our stuff in the car and drove down to set up camp. We were all excited to see our summer friends and catch up on what had been happening in their lives. We spent the whole summer there, with my dad commuting to his job.

But it wasn’t really about the camping…

We kids were also excited because while we were camping, each day my parents gave us money to buy a bottle of soda pop and an ice cream at the campground store. We were never allowed such luxuries at home, so it was huge for us.

Even to this day, the only time I drink soda pop–even a Coke–is in the summer. (Although I admit I indulge in ice cream whenever possible–as long as it’s really good ice cream and not the novelties we loved as kids.)

Reading, always reading

I read in the car all the way to the campground. I read sitting under a tree; I read on the beach; I read in my sleeping bag at night using a flashlight. To me, summer was really a glorious time with unlimited time to read.

Leave comments below to share your summer rituals!

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Thanks for the responses, everyone! 

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