• Emilya Naymark Author of the Sylvan Suspense series
    Emilya Naymark Author of the Sylvan Suspense series

Five Tips for Short-Story Success: A Guest Post by Judy Penz Sheluk

Join me in welcoming Judy Penz Sheluk to Miss Demeanors! Judy is a former journalist and magazine editor and the bestselling author of two mystery series, several short stories, and two books on publishing. She is also the publisher and editor of four Superior Shores Anthologies. The latest, Larceny & Last Chances, will be available June 18. Today Judy is sharing some wise advice from her long experience with the short-story genre.

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Prologues: Yes or No?

Of all the tools available to fiction writers, the most maligned may be the prologue. With the possible exception of the adverb and the semi-colon, no other literary device engenders such visceral hatred. Prologues have been called “superfluous,” “tedious info-dumps,” and “a bait-and-switch technique.” Agents and editors, we’re told, hate them. But are they always bad?

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