My Holiday Gift to You

I don’t often write funny. When I do, I want everyone to know it.

At least I think I wrote funny. I put four of these stories together in anthology, The Hen Who Crowed, Stories of Murder and Revenge and it’s now up on Amazon. The anthology includes:

  • The Hen Who Crowed – A rooster learns to be careful what he wishes for.
  • Miss Millie Munz – A paralegal, an absentee lawyer, and an imaginary dog. What could go wrong?
  • Muskeg Man – A hermit leads a quiet life until the 1964 Great Alaskan Earthquake turns her world upside down.
  • How I Met Yolanda Martinez – Meet cute sisterhood style in a courtroom. Maureen Gould meets the woman who will become her paralegal/office mom.

My gift to you is a free e-book of How I Met Yolanda Martinez.

To download, click

If you want to check out the anthology

Click The Hen Who Crowed: Stories of Murder and Revenge eBook : Powell, Keenan


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