Read with the lights on in October

First edition book cover.

THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE is a classic scary read – and no, I don’t own the first edition pictured above, but it’s an interesting contrast to the more current ones, the story of an evolution to classic and eventually (that modern touchpoint) a Netflix series. I reread at least part of Shirley Jackson’s classic nearly every year, relishing the language and the frightening parts in equal measure.

In honor of Halloween, last week I selected TWELVE NIGHTS AT ROTTER HOUSE by J.W. Ocker from the October reads table at my local book store (bookstore and grocery, my two masked outings these days). I’m not a keep-the-lights-on I’m too scared to sleep reader but, I’ll confess, I liked the cover and the little note that he was an Edgar Award Winner. So. . . this scary book was invited home with me.

The protagonist, Felix Allsey, is a travel writer who makes his living writing about creep destinations. Cemeteries and haunted houses are his calling, but he doesn’t actually believe in the supernatural. Spending nearly two weeks in a famously haunted house is his latest project – and he’s delighted when his best friend decides to join him. No spoilers, but I had to put the book down a few nights when it was too dark outside to continue reading . . . and then I eagerly picked it up in daylight the next morning.

Looking for a scary read . . . consider adding this to your TBR pile. But read with the bright lights on.

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