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No, we’re not traveling to Sacramento next week. That Bouchercon went the way of Covid. However, Bouchercon – virtual edition is set to go live October 16-17, 2020. (If you’re attending, don’t forget to VOTE. Email ballots went out earlier this week. Think how happy an Anthony Award will make the winners. Let’s spread some joy!)

Three of the Miss Demeanors are testing their Zoom mics. Mark your calendars and join us online – although you’ll have to toggle back and forth at times to fit everyone in.

First up, bright and early at on October 16th, at 9:30 am PDT:

Far Away: Building a Fictional Town
Many authors will invent a place and setting for their story. How do they build a fictional town? Hear from panelists Cheryl Hollon (M), Barbara Ross, Christin Brecker, Hannah Dennison, Kaira Rouda, and our very own Connie Berry.

Connie’s latest book, A LEGACY OF MURDER, takes place in the the Suffolk village of Long Barston. When a body turns up during the annual May Fair, DI Mallory leads the investigation while American antiques dealer Kate Hamilton sees puzzling parallels between the crimes and the Green Maiden legend.

Can’t wait to hear Connie, and the other panelists, talk about building fictional towns for their characters.

Also at 9:30 am PDT, Miss Demeanor L.A. Chandler joins the panel: Sleuths in the Recent Past.

Speakeasies and Art Deco, the 20th century brought a new type of sleuth. No the usual historical from 19th century England, these crime busters were sharp and sassy. Hear from panelists Ona Russell (M), Susanna Calkins, L.A. Chandlar, Erica Ruth Neubauer, Shelley Blanton-Stroud

Laurie’s latest book, THE PEARL DAGGER, takes places as the depression loosens its grip on New York City. Lane Sanders and her boss, Mayor La Guardia confront the possibility of a violent syndicate spreading like wildfire through Europe. Lane sets sail for London, letting the reader view two famous cities in 1937.

Crossing into the afternoon, my panel is also on October 16th, starting at 11 am PDT: Small Town Murder: Does it Have to Be in England?
There are small towns across the world similar to St. Mary Mead. Does a murder change if it’s in Canada or France or the United States?

Since my current series is set in Switzerland, a country dotted with small towns, I’m thrilled to moderate this great line up: Stephanie Gayle, Shari Randall, Alice K. Boatwright, Cathy Ace, Iona Whishaw, and Susan Shea.

If you’re signed up for Bouchercon, mark your calendar to join us. If you aren’t, take a look at the panels and explore the featured authors. You’re sure to rediscover an old favorite and find a new book or series to enjoy this fall.


  1. It may be virtual but it will still be fun! I’ve enjoyed other virtual conferences…. partly to see the backgrounds. How else would I have peeked into Lee Child’s home?

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