Poison Them with Love

These holiday seasons seem just as much about food and sitting down with family and friends as they are about gifts or any religious significance.

As I looked at my bounty of treats that included a metric ton of Christmas chocolate and even an authentic Jamaican Rum Cake baked by a friend from her grandmother’s recipe, my thoughts turned, as they are wont, to murder weapons. Specifically, poison.

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Christmas traditions

Christmas tree at Hever Castle

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! What are your Christmas or Christmas Eve traditions? 

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My Grown-Up Literary Christmas List

Making a List, Checking it Twice A little while ago, I offered a list of Christmas movies that provided alternatives to sweet rom-coms. My list trended more toward serial killers, terrorist takeovers, and fluffy creatures who will kill you in your sleep than toward undercover royals and small towns in need of saving. But what if movie viewing isn’t an option this Christmas? Maybe you were outvoted, and you need an escape from the shiny-happy movie marathon. Maybe your house is overrun with merrymakers, and you’re peopled out and just want to hide in a corner with a book. Or maybe you’re like me and are taking advantage of the time off work to sleep in during the day and stay up late at night reading and listening to ghost stories. Forget Elves Ghost stories? At Christmas? Yep. It’s a tradition, or was, anyway. Anglophiles are probably more familiar with it than the rest of us, as the British were the main keepers of this un-merriment. Telling scary stories during the long, dark nights of winter pre-dates both the British Empire and the Christian religion, of course, and is hardly limited to the English-speaking world. (Heard of Krampus? Frau Perchta? […]

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Visiting A Christmas Carol

I’ve lived in New York all my life, but up until about a week ago, I had no idea that the original version of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol was in New York City, in the Morgan Library, which is a brief walk from Grand Central.

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I’m so Happy to be Here!

My First Miss Demeanors Blog as a Member This is my inaugural blog as an official Miss Demeanor, so I wanted to devote the blog to thanking the group for inviting me in and being so welcoming.  First, I have to thank C. Michele Dorsey for extending the invitation to join. About eighteen months ago, Michele and I started having a weekly phone call to discuss our work and the state of the publishing industry. I had just been diagnosed with breast cancer—I’m fine now, so no worries—but between the treatments and COVID, I wasn’t allowed to leave the house. Those weekly conversations were a life saver, and I can never thank Michele enough for her time and friendship. As you probably know, Michele is the author of the award winning Sabrina Salter mystery series, and she has several amazing “stand alones” as well as another Sabrina mystery book almost ready for publication. Can’t wait. We also managed to talk our way into starting a self-publishing journey, and that too has been a blessing! Thanks to her encouragement, I published my first mystery thriller novel, In Deep, this year, and the second book in the Fin Fleming Thriller series, Sunken Death, is coming out on […]

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You Had Me at Jane Austen

Today Miss Demeanors is delighted to welcome mystery writer and teacher Jane K. Cleland, author of books on writing as well as the popular Josie Prescott Antiques mystery series. ONE LUCKY COMMENTER this month will win a signed copy of Jane’s latest book!

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The Nurse by Claire Allan

ell Sweeny has disappeared.

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Anne Rice

I was very saddened to hear of the passing of Anne Rice on December 11. Her work was hugely influential to many, and to me personally.

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Why do we write about murder and mayhem given life’s real storms?

Late last night, I received more news from my home state of Kentucky. A high school friend was okay, but his sister-in-law’s family lost their home and the husband is in critical condition following last weekend’s tornadoes. I couldn’t bring myself to post about holiday cheer.

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The Christmas Movie List You’ve Secretly Been Waiting For

Coming to a Streaming Device Near You Boyfriends of Christmas Past You, Me, & the Christmas Trees Christmas in My Heart A Husband for Christmas A Bride for Christmas A Christmas Prince A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby A Christmas Prince: The Royal Scandal A Christmas Prince: The Royal Divorce (Just kidding about the last two) Déjà Vue All Over Again You know the routine. Tune into Hallmark (41 new Christmas movies this year alone) or Netflix or Lifetime or Prime Video or any streaming service on the planet, really, and you’ll find a movie full of treacle and light. All the movies will follow the same general plot outline: just before Christmas, an absurdly attractive person travels to someplace they either don’t want to go to or that they must go to incognito. (Variation on a theme: they stay home but they are forced to do something that they don’t want to do or that they must do incognito.) Once at the place (or doing the thing), they meet another absurdly attractive person who can’t stand them or who they can’t stand. The two ridiculously beautiful people team up to do something or […]

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