Is It Time Yet? (When Life Bleeds Into Fiction)

I’ve always loved to read. If a book isn’t handy, I’ll read advertisements or old newspapers—even, in a pinch, the labels on household products. For me, reading is the ultimate relaxation. That’s why my experience this past week was troubling.

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The Mountain by Laura Ding-Edwards

I want to share with you this touching poetry reading I ran across on Twitter : https://twitter.com/i/status/1431755848678658049 Sometimes our souls can use soothing. I know mine can. Do you have a favorite poet?

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The Misses Procrastinate. Or Not.

Procrastination and writing seem to go together (though not for all of us. Read on.), and as a result many writers have very clean closets, fridges, and bathrooms, and their friends/family are often nicely outfitted with hand-knit thingies. Staring at a screen or a notebook can be so intimidating, the critic’s voice so snarky, that I, for one, will invent any project to free me from the angst. And I like writing!

So, I asked the Misses if this was a thing for them.

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5 Authors for Hispanic Heritage Month

Looking for authors to guide you through Hispanic Heritage month? Here are 5 you might like.

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A Language Lesson

Author Raquel V. Reyes teaches us a little Spanglish today. Read her primer to whet your appetite for her upcoming cozy, Mango, Mambo, and Murder! @missdemeanors6 #cozymystery #foodiecozy #cubanamerican @latinasleuths

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IN DEEP with Sharon Ward

Sometimes, the most treacherous creature you meet underwater is another diver.

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Are You Too Nice To Write Crime Fiction?

How do you feel about making your characters suffer? Could you be too nice?

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Are You on Goodreads?

Are you on Goodreads?

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3 Historical Novels. Just Because.

Today is International Literacy Day

–and what better way to celebrate than by taking a peek at three gorgeous historical novels set in days when literacy was not only rare, but, for some, deathly dangerous.

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Is there a cycle to the writing year?

< Labor Day weekend is over (and surely all the school's across America have started). Clothes are being eyed for a stint in the attic or under the bed, and sweaters are a necessity in the early morning in even the southern states. For me, this is the start of a new cycle. New Year's Day is a date on the calendar, but fall signals something deeper. >

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