Where I Write

  Michele: I’m always fascinated by photos of where people write. Even better, I love to visit actual locations of authors. The Mark Twain House is one of my favorites. I asked my fellow Miss Demeanors to share where they write. I’ve included my own writing spots. One is in St. John; the others are in my she-shed writing sanctuary on Cape Cod.   Tracee: I split my time between my office, where I have a big computer monitor and face away from the window to avoid distractions, and outside on my front porch, where the view is lovely and calm. I tend to think of indoor work as the nuts and bolts of entering changes to the manuscript or fact-checking. The boring stuff. I prefer the porch unless the rain is blowing too hard or it is literally freezing. I’m fortunate that I’m well back from the street so it feels like an oasis, a perfect place to let my mind wander. It also helps that the dogs get to be outside….  Paula: I recently converted what was once a back porch into my new creativity space, which gives me room for reading and daydreaming on the daybed (which also serves as a guest bed in a pinch), as well as for writing (I sit cross-legged on the daybed with a lap desk and my laptop). I also have enough room for yoga and meditation. All of these things — reading, daydreaming, writing, doing yoga and meditating — are critical to my writing process.   Cate: The view from my writing space, as long as it’s sunny. When I look up from the computer, I like to see something pretty.   Alexia:  I write in a variety of places: airports, airplanes, hotels, coffee shops, home, etc. I bought a membership in a co-working space so I’d have someplace near home to write when home felt too distracting. My only essential elements are paper and pen for writing, laptop, internet access, and a power cord for editing. Alison: What a good question! I really don’t need anything except for my computer. I’ll write in bed, at a park or on a plane. Having said that, I like to work at a standing desk (aka a dresser I’ve stacked two thick books on top of so my computer is at exactly the right height for me) with my “view” from the back of our apartment in Manhattan.   Susan: This is the view from my office window. (It’s no wonder I keep writing about oak trees!)    Where do you like to write or read? Post your photos. I’ll send a free copy of Permanent Sunset, the second book in my Sabrina Salter series to Miss Demeanors’ favorite photo! (Must post by midnight, Sunday, July 23rd)

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