What we are reading this weekend.

TRACEE: Hello Miss Demeanors, I’m heading into the weekend with a few books underway. I’m listening to Homer’s Odysseywhile I do yard work (inspired by Alexia listening to Heroditus, and enjoying it!). And I’m reading Bernard Cornwell’sThe Pale Horseman on my phone – it’s a series now on Netflix (The Last Kingdom) and I love his Richard Sharpe novels. AND I’m absolutely riveted by The Nine: the true story of a band of women who survived the worst of Nazi Germany, written by one of the descendants, Gwen Strauss. 

So, lightening round, what are you reading?

CONNIE: Right now I’m listening to High Rising by Angela Thirkell, the first of her Barsetshire novels, about a successful lady novelist Laura Morland and her friends in the sleepy English village of High Rising. First published in1933, the book is very funny but not politically correct. Warning: This is a period piece containing a few words we would not use today.

KEENAN: I’m relistening to Highfire by Eoin Colfer because I need a laugh. On my bedside is The End of the World is a Cul-de-sac, a debut collection of short stories by Louise Kennedy. She is amazing.

SUSAN: I’m reading Shroud for a Nightingale by P.D. James. (I was reading something else, but I happened to walk by a book shelf and it fell on to the floor and I started to read it and was hooked.) 

EMILYA: I just finished Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewel, which was excellent, and I’m now reading Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro, which is even more excellent. These are the kind of books that can really take you out of reality and into their worlds. 

ALEXIA: Assigned readings on China, assigned readings on George Washington, and drafts of my thesis, which is due Monday. 

MICHELEGreat Expectations. Reading it and listening to it. Oh how I wish Audible existed when I was in high school. 

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