Welcoming Catherine Maiorisi to the Miss Demeanors

The Miss Demeanors are pleased to welcome Catherine Maiorisi to our ranks! Catherine is the author of mystery and romance novels as well as short stories and a stand alone general fiction novel. She joins us from New York City where she can often be found writing in Edgar’s Cafe near her apartment.

Catherine Maiorisi with her two most recent book covers

It’s an auspicious month to welcome Catherine, with the launch of the latest in her NYPD Detective Chiara Corelli mystery series, Legacy in Blood, on February 22nd (pre-order now!). The first in the series, A Matter of Blood, was the springboard for her mystery novels. When writing a short story focused on the romantic backstory she discovered a parallel interest in writing romance resulting in Matters of the Heart. Three more romance novels followed, in addition to her general fiction novel The Disappearance of Lindy James, published December 2021.

Over the next weeks and months we look forward to hearing more from Catherine. In the meantime, you may learn more on her website.

For now, please join us on Facebook and Twitter in welcoming Catherine!

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