Walking Dickens’ London

One of the great pleasures of going to London, (which is where I am now), is that you have the chance to walk through the past. If you love Charles Dickens, as I do, you can touch many of the places where he and his characters lived. Here are some of the places I saw on my Fleet Street walk (inspired by Richard Jones’ book, Walking Dickensian London.)

First stop:

Take the tube to Blackfriars Station. When you start to walk on New Bridge Street, you’ll see an imposing building with a plaque that tells you that this used to be the site of Bridewell Palace, built by Henry VIII and which was, during Dickens’ time, a penitentiary. Dickens mentions Bridewells in Oliver Twist.

Fleet Street

This was the center of the journalism trade in Dickens time. In January 1846, he set up the Daily News at No. 92 Fleet Street.

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese

A tavern that was old even in Dickens’ time, this was one of Dickens’ favorite haunts. This table was said to be the place where Dickens liked to sit and entertain his friends. If you want to know what the 19th century smelled like (horses and smoke) this is a good place to go.

Inner Temple

A hushed place that Dickens would have known well. This is the place where the toniest of London’s barristers have their headquarters. Sit on a bench and watch the elegant lawyers walk by. Black suits and umbrellas. Of this space Dickens wrote, “Who enters here leaves noise behind.” The picture below shows a tree that perhaps Dickens would have liked.

Thanks for joining me on my tour. If you’d lie more info, check out Richard Jones’ book, Walking Dickensian London.


  1. What fun! I love Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese! It was also Dr. Samuel Johnson’s favorite haunt, just a few doors away from his house. I remember sitting in his favorite spot. And seeing Polly, the stuffed parrot who lived there for years (alive). Finding it can be a challenge. Did you eat there? I understand their food has vastly improved in the last 10 years.

  2. We LOVE London. Many of my British husband’s schoolmates still live in England and Wales. Last time we were there–pre-pandemic–we put over 3000 mi.s on the rental car…lol! When we are there, we stay with a dear friend who lives in Couch End in North London. It’s a very cool place and it’s where I have put my cozy! If you ever get there, go to the Queen’s pub. An astonishingly gorgeous Victorian pub with the most beautiful Art Nouveau stained glass windows. It literally is a character in the book! Have a fabulous time!

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