Showing up is half the battle in everything. Writing is butt in the chair and putting in the time. Democracy is showing up to vote.  I’m writing today – and it’s a chore to sit when I could be out raking fall leaves, but the professional stakes are high for me. I need to finish this revision and send it into the hands of people who matter. From there it will hopefully make its way into the world.  I voted early, still I’m distracted by what everyone else is doing in this very important mid-term election. Are people taking that part of their lunch hour, their coffee break, their free time to do their duty and vote? And, yes, voting is a duty. Being a citizen comes with rights and privileges, and voting is one of them.  So…. I’ll keep my butt in the chair and do my job, because I’ve already done the other one. Now come on everyone. Get to the polls! This is the absolute greatest part about being a citizen! VOTE! Remind yours friends, family, and colleagues; offer to take someone who doesn’t have easy access to their polling place.  There is nothing more American than voting, so do it!


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