To be released 7.26.22

MICHELE: I had the privilege of reading an ARC of Penny’s book and asked her to share with our readers what they can expect from her latest book. You will not be disappointed! AND there’s a giveaway.

Here’s a peek at what’s coming next week! 


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In the seven years since Victoria’s husband disappeared, no witnesses have stepped forward and no credible evidence has been collected—not even his car. He simply vanished from behind the stone walls of a private boarding school where he taught—the same school their son now attends. But someone has to know what happened. And that someone may be closer to Victoria than she realizes. 


Victoria—The protagonist. Victoria is stronger than she realizes yet battered down by 7 years of searching for her husband and holding out hope he is still alive. Everyone around her has abandoned that hope and tries to convince her to do the same. She vows to stay the course and be strong for her sons. But at what cost?

Emerson—Recently divorced and enviably sought after, Emerson stands out even among the ranks of the private school parents. He is seductively suave, oozing with wealth, with striking looks and charisma that could make Mother Teresa pause. He is poised to shower Victoria with the attention she so desperately needs. But is he what she has been yearning for or just a temporary folly to fill a void?

Aviva—Victoria’s dear friend. After connecting at flight attendant training years earlier, Victoria and Aviva became fast friends. It was Aviva who was by her side when Victoria’s husband first went missing. But as leads grew cold and hope fizzled, Aviva grew hell bent on getting Victoria to move on with her life—a life Aviva has made no attempt to hide that she covets.

Millie—Victoria’s mother. Millie is quirky and sweet, yet at times aggravating, and there’s no telling which Millie will show up and what’s percolating inside her head. Her uncanny ability to see events before they happen is predictably unreliable, making it difficult to know when to heed her warnings. But could she know more than she’s revealing and is trying to protect Victoria with her silence?

National award-winning author Penny Goetjen writes murder mysteries where the milieus play as prominent a role as the engaging characters. A self-proclaimed eccentric known for writing late into the night, transfixed by the allure of flickering candlelight, Ms. Goetjen embraces the writing process, unaware what will confront her at the next turn. She rides the journey with her characters, often as surprised as her readers to see how the story unfolds. Fascinated with the paranormal, she usually weaves a subtle, unexpected twist into her stories.


  1. Penny, this sounds amazing–and reminds me of the British TV series Keeping Faith with Eve Myles, which was riveting. Congratulations and welcome to Miss Demeanors!

    1. Vicki, I think you’ll enjoy getting to know Victoria, Aviva, Emerson, Millie and the rest of the cast of characters. Would love to hear from you once you’ve finished it!

  2. As with all of Penny’s books I’m excited to be able to read another. I’m sure it’s as suspenseful as the others.

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