The Break In Between

I recently finished a major edit of my latest novel and sent it off to my agent. Like most writers, I’ve got notes and synopses for multiple new projects but I wanted to try something different. When I’ve changed day jobs, I take a break in between leaving one company and starting something new. It’s a time to reflect, let go of the past, and embrace the new. I call it a “palate cleanser.” After writing 2 standalone novels back-to-back, I decided to try that with my writing. Take a break. Let go of the most recent characters who occupied my imagination every day for the last 13 months. Catch up on my reading. Do some projects around the house. Take a couple of weeks away before launching into the next book. It lasted 4 days.  The leading characters in my new WIP demand to be heard. They want their world built. The secondary cast paces anxiously in the wings, throwing their hands in the air, screaming, “What about us?” Is it habit? Maybe compulsion? I don’t know. I don’t question my muse. I embrace her like the dear friend she is, grateful for the strength of our bond. How about you? Do you take breaks between writing books or stories? 

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