Miss Demeanors Go To The Dogs. And Cats. And A Horse?

This is a big week for our favorite agent, Paula Munier. Her debut mystery, A Borrowing of Bones , came out on Tuesday! The story includes a canine co-star named Elvis (what a great name). This got me thinking, I’ve seen a lot of social media photos of authors with dogs at their feet or cats on their desks. So, tell me, Miss Demeanors, are you on Team Dog or Team Cat? Robin: Personally, I’m Team Dog. I like cats, don’t get me wrong. My family had cats until I was 9. But I’ve had a dog for most of my life since then. They’re a great motivation to get outside – a tired dog is a happy owner. Or something like that. They’re also a burglar alarm that can take you off guard and make you smile in ways Cortana or Alexa never could. I mean, this face…. Susan: I am definitely Team Dog. I have two cockapoos, Bailey and Buster, and they are always by my side. They are playful and loving and very good companions. When things go wrong, we all lie on the floor, and when things go right, we all have a grand time. Once, when I had a truly grand time, we all went to Kentucky Fried Chicken drive thru. But that’s unusual. Michele: Funny, but this is one of the toughest questions of the week for me. I have loved all of the many cats and dogs I’ve had since I was a child and still miss them. But my last dog was Cheddar, an incredibly soulful friend to me. I sensed her nonverbal communications to me and found comfort and wisdom in them. She’s been gone two years and I still miss her terribly. One of the downsides of downsizing and sprouting wings is grappling with whether it is fair to subject beloved pets to globetrotting. I haven’t found the answer. I just know I have a huge hole in my heart. So, I guess the answer is dogs, said the writer in too many words.   Alison: Both! I grew up with cats and dogs and even a horse for several years. Some of my favorite childhood friends had four legs. Dogs provide a different kind of friendship than cats or horses do. I remember when I first learned to ride a bike. I was barefoot (a good start) in shorts (even better) and fell onto the ground covered of what we called stickers. They pierced my skin pretty much every where. I limped home, pushing my bike (tears were probably involved). Our family dog sat next to me on the porch, and, with his teeth, started pulling out the stickers.Of course, the universe likes to play with us. I fell in love with a man who has terrible allergies and have a daughter with asthma. No cats or dogs for me, and horses are impractical in a Manhattan apartment. Paula: I could never choose teams. I’m a cat and a dog person. I must have one rescue cat and rescue dog at all times. Dogs for their love and attention and loyalty and devotion, and cats to keep your lap warm in winter. Right now we have our 90-pound rescue Bear, the happiest dog in the world, and Ursula, our 9-pound rescue torbie tabby, Who rules the roost. As every self-respect and cat must do.Cate: I love dogs. Recently, my own dog had his very own lassie moment. We are doing some construction and the kids and dog have not been allowed outside in the yard for a couple weeks as a result. My youngest went outside while I was downstairs cleaning. Westley, my ten year old puggle, came barreling down the stairs, barking his head off, demanding that I follow him into the kitchen. He then went straight to the French door leading to the back and pointed his nose at my kindergartener getting precariously close to a six foot hole in the yard. She lost her iPad that day and had to do “mom” homework for another twenty minutes. He was so clear what he was doing that she was mad at him for telling on her. Alexia: I’m a switch hitter. (Pardon me for mangling my sports references–I am not Team Sports Fan.) I love dogs and cats. I’d love to have both. I only have a cat right now because of my travel schedule. I don’t think at this point in my life I can give a dog the attention he or she needs so, in fairness to the dog, I won’t get one. This is Agatha. I didn’t know I was a cat person before I adopted her. I thought I was strictly a dog lover. Now, I know better. I love both. Tracee: I grew up with dogs, first a Bassett hound, followed by bloodhound and St. Bernard. Now I am a Jack Russell terrier devotee, mainly because they are both sweet and stubborn. Alvaro and Laika are going to be treated to a ship board adventure this fall when I sail with them on the Queen Mary 2 to join my husband in Europe. Hopefully they will enjoy their time at sea as much as they enjoy all their other “human activities” with us (hoping for a breakfast in bed treat being a standing favorite!). 

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