The Best of a Bad Situation

I believe in making the best of bad situations. My recent, unplanned trip to help family in distress happened to take me to a place I’d been planning to visit in coming months to do some research. I, of course, spent most of my time tending to family but I still had brief periods to myself. I used those to travel to places I needed to get a sense of for a future project.

I also had the opportunity to revisit a place that inspired a past project. Murder in G Major features a key scene set in an abandoned asylum, the fictional St. Dymphna’s. The “real” St. Dymphna’s is the derelict South Carolina Sanatorium, a former TB sanatorium in the State Park/Dentsville area of Columbia, South Carolina. The sanatorium is eerie and overgrown and full of secrets, just the sort of place to feature in a murder mystery.

Do you find silver linings? How do you make the best of bad? Comment on the blog or join the conversation on social media.

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  1. Bad situations, new situations, unexpected changes, unwanted circumstances can be opportunities to learn and grow. Instead of asking, “Why am I here?” or–more likely in my case–“Get me out of here!” I’m trying to ask instead, “What can I learn?” Easier said than done for sure. Who knew growing up was a life-long process?

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