Author: Alexia Gordon

Author of the Gethsemane Brown Mysteries, published by Henery Press

Read Where You Are

On the Road Again I move around. A lot. My day job has taken me from the southeast to the northwest, down to the southwest, over to the Midwest, up to New England, and now to the west. Each place has had unique characteristics that distinguished it from the others. No two places felt the same. In each place I wondered, what would a book set here be like? Read in Place Setting, for me, is an important part of the reading (or viewing) experience. I don’t much care for stories that could happen anywhere. On the contrary, my favorite stories are the ones where the setting, even if fictitious, is a character. I also enjoy reading stories that are set in the place I happen to be. When I was in New England, I found myself in the mood for tales of foggy mornings and rocky shores. Down South, I wanted gothic tales filled with decaying grandeur, the scent of magnolias, and tense humidity. Your Turn What should I read now that I’m out west? A cowboy story, historical or modern? A tale of the desert’s harsh beauty? A yarn about a ghost town? Or a story of transformation […]

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The More Things Change

New job, new state, new time zone. So, I turned to something old, The Yellow Room by Gaston Laroux. A mystery originally published in 1907, it counterbalances the newness. Does reading help you deal with change? What do you reach for? Share on the blog, Facebook, or Twitter.

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Get Away From it All

The Missdemeanors discuss finding places and times to focus on writing. If you had the chance to escape from your every day, where would you go? Join the discussion.

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A Book By Any Other Name

To Listen or Not to Listen, That is the Question A discussion is happening on Facebook about the role of audiobooks in bringing obscure writers to a broader audience. The original poster asked if people would want an audiobook version of a book that was hard to find in print if it gave them the chance to discover a new-to-them author. Like most topics on social media, the responses were polarized. Several commenters were anti-audiobook, some thought they were only valuable for people whose vision prevented them from reading words on a page. Listening Has Its Benefits Still others thought audiobooks presented a wonderful way to hear stories, harkening back to the days when most stories were transmitted orally. Plus, audiobooks were much safer while driving. And much easier to manage while cooking dinner or doing the laundry. Listening to a story while you work makes the work fly by. A Book by Any Other Name I fell into the “a book is a book, regardless of format” camp. Anything that offers an opportunity to find a new favorite is a good thing. So, whether you read with your eyes, your ears, or both, read on! Your Turn Which side […]

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Never, ever ever ever ever…

I don’t know who needs to hear this but… Churchill didn’t quit. Neither did Ray Kroc. Need some more inspirational quotes on persistence? Here are 52. What’s your favorite reminder to never give up? Share a bit of inspiration here, on Facebook, or Twitter.

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What Are the Chances?

I planned to write a blog post about truth being sometimes stranger than fiction and true crime podcasts and real-life stories that inspired crime novels. (I was yesterday years old when I learned that actress Gene Tierney’s tragedy inspired Agatha Christie’s The Mirror Cracked from Side to Side.) I would have had the post up around lunchtime for you to enjoy with your midday meal. Then I stepped outside…

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I Came, I Hosted, I Laughed

Thanks to ProWritingAid’s Crime Writers’ Week conference, I can check panel moderator off the list of things I’ve never done. I hosted a Thriller Panel Discussion with Karin Slaughter, Jennifer Hillier, Lisa Gardner, Ian Rankin, and Steve Berry. Was I nervous? Heck, yeah. Should I have been? Nope. All of the panelists were charming and witty and graceful, and a fabulous time was had by all.

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