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Riding in Cars with Books

On the road again… I never travel without a book. Ever since I was a kid a book (or books) went into the suitcase with the clothes. Sometimes, I packed more books than clothes. Car, plane, train, it didn’t matter. Whatever the mode of transportation, I read on the go. Don’t read and drive Of course, as a kid, I didn’t drive. Someone else—parents, pilot, engineer—did that, leaving my hands and eyes free to handle a book. As an adult, I still read in the air or on the rails. On the road, however, I’m now the driver. Reading while driving is, of course, unsafe. Think of all the accidents caused by texting while driving. I want to enjoy a good story, not become a road hazard. You’ve come a long way Luckily, audio entertainment has come a long way since my childhood when the only options were AM or FM. (That’s radio, for you youngsters.) Now, we have satellite radio, which offers an endless variety of music and talk. Also, audiobooks and podcasts exist! My question I’ve got a cross-country road trip in the near future. That’s a long time in the car. But I have an Audible and […]

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Reading to escape. . . to India.

For years my husband and I traveled to India in the winter. More recently, we have gone in the summer – mainly to accommodate the schedules of friends who wanted to join us. New Delhi during the great heat wave of 2017? Yes, we were there. Needless to say, I’d have given nearly anything to be there this year regardless of weather – at this point, heat, locusts, wind storms. Bring it on. Instead, I’ve revisited some of my favorite books set in India. Among them is the wonderful mystery series by Sujata Massey featuring the crime solving adventures of Perveen Mistry, Bombay’s first female lawyer. Her award winning novels capture the place and time, and her protagonist is a delightful mix of traditional respect and modern know how, perfect for the changing world of 1920s India. While awaiting Sujata’s next book I discovered Alka Joshi, author of THE HENNA ARTIST. Set in Rajasthan in late 1955, it is a vibrant, beautiful book about a woman earning her personal financial independence at the moment when India has declared it’s political independence from the United Kingdom. Her beautiful prose transported me immediately to the Pink City of Jaipur, where the story […]

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