News and the future. Or is it news that there is a future?

Thinking about my fellow MissDemeanors as this week draws to a close. Lots of good work going on among them, including tales of domestic suspense, far away places, ghosts, Christmas, and some very interesting tech things (but no spoilers here).

There is also news of one of our very own preparing to attend the Naval War College (big applause here for the multi talented Alexia Gordon on earning her spot at this prestigious institution.) Given that she’s going to study strategy I was reminded that having a strategy for the second half of 2020 might be a good idea. After all, I have a pretty good idea about the general scope of things: basically stay at home. (On the other hand, and no offense to all those studying at war colleges around the world, sometimes strategies don’t play out as intended. Schlieffen Plan, anyone?)

Part of my Fall plan is to incorporate NaNoWriMo. (Again, hat tip to our resident strategist Alexia, whose participation in NaNoWriMo has inspired me.)

Any other NaNoWriMo veterans out there? You know better than I do that the idea behind it is an online community of support to write a novel in one month. This is the year for on-line so let’s do it! I’ve known quite a few people who participated, many diving into writing for the first time. I’m going with ‘strategic plan year’ and so will have my book planned prior to the start – it should be a very productive month. (At this point the only thing that could upset this plan is the loss of electricity to power my computer. Given that it is 2020, I will have a back up supply of paper and pen.)

So, here’s to planning for the second half of 2020, may it be both healthy and productive.

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