Books and Cookies–A Perfect Match

A shortbread cookie sitting on top of a stack of books

It’s cookie season! Girl Scout cookies, that is. I bought a box or four from a friend’s daughter. Cookie sales have gone high tech. I ordered online and had the sweet treats shipped to me. That’s a big change from my Scouting days, when we had to go door-to-door with a paper order form and had to hand-deliver the cookies. Samoas (also known as Caramel de Lites) are my favorite, followed by Trefoils. I won’t say no to Thin Mints, however. Girl Scout cookies merit status as a food group. They’re used as ingredients in desserts (one for Thin Mints brownies came with my cookie order), cereal, ice cream, and cocktails.

Speaking of adult beverages, an internet search offers you charts and lists featuring Girl Scout cookie-wine pairings, Girl Scout cookie-beer pairings, and Girl Scout cookie-liquor pairings. I’m eager to try the suggested Samoas-Makers Mark and Samoas-Bulleit match-ups. Since book and booze pairings are also a thing, I decided, why not book and Girl Scout cookies? Try these combinations:

Murder at Dolphin Bay by Kathi Daley and Samoas—what’s more natural to pair with a mystery set in Hawaii than a cookie made with coconut?

What You Don’t See by Tracy Clark and Thin Mints—according to surveys, Thin Mints were voted the favorite Girl Scout cookie in Illinois. Pair them with this mystery set in Chicago.

Scot on the Rocks by Catriona McPherson and Trefoils—shortbread cookies make tasty sense with a mystery featuring a Scottish sleuth transplanted to California.

Sit, Stay, Slay by VM Burns and Lemonades— try a mystery set in sunny Tennessee with a sunny lemon cookie.

Which Girl Scout cookie is your favorite? Share your mystery-cookie pairings here or on social media


  1. Amazing idea! My Swiss books would get Thin Mints for their chill crispness. But the one I’m working on now, set in a distillery, guess I’m going to have to try a few bourbon pairings!

  2. What a brilliant idea! I’d say Tagalongs would go well with my Maeve Malloy series. They invoke eating peanut butter out of a jar to minimize dishwashing, something Maeve would endorse heartily.

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