Miss Demeanors in Toronto! Come find us.

Boucheron conference logo Five of the Miss Demeanors, along with Paula Munier, better known as the glue that binds them together, swarm the city for the weekend. While you will certainly find them in the bar or roaming the halls to see friends, visit panels and chat with readers, there are times when you can count on finding them! Thursday kicks off with Michele Dorsey and Tracee de Hahn on competing panels (wander from one to the other and they promise not to object as the door opens and shuts): Michele’s panel is in Sheraton A at 4 pm. She joins fellow beach lovers Ryan Aldred, Baron R. Birtcher, David Burnsworth, Mike Martin and moderator Kay Kendall talking about “Coastal Crimes: How does living on the Water’s edge drive crime?” Meanwhile at 4 pm in Sheraton C, you are invited to “Read the World: Discover mysterious characters travelling through multiple counties.” Tracee de Hahn will sell you on the merits of a vacation in Switzerland, or at least a good read about that country, joined by panelists Cathy Ace, Annamaria Alfieri, Barry Lancet, Chris Pave and moderator Puja Guha, chatting about their respective destinations. Michele and Tracee will sign books immediately following their panels in Osgoode. 7:30 am and Friday starts bright and (too?) early for Tracee at the New Author’s Breakfast in Grand East where she has her one minute of fame. She will follow that up at 10 am in the VIP Room Concourse Level as a 20 on the 20s. Stop by and talk about ANYTHING. Really. She will be signing at 11 am. Saturday is another early day for the Miss Demeanors as they swarm the Sisters in Crime Breakfast to help celebrate 30 marvelous years. 7:30 am in Grand East (reservations required). Dashing straight out from breakfast, Alexia, Cate and Paula offer another chance to run between panels to catch all of the action. At 10 am in Sheraton A, Alexia Gordon with co-panelists Christine Cabo, Allen Eskins, Thomas Mullen, Lisa Turner and moderator Katharine M. Nohr, represent the US contingent in “North vs South: An American Panel, with authors setting their work at either end of the contiguous states.” Going head to head at 10 am with Alexia are Cate Holahan and Paula Munier in Grand West. Paula moderates this panel on “The Twisted Panel: Plotting, how to keep them interested….. and guessing.” They are joined by Jane Cleland, Ragnar Jónasson, Linda Landrigan and Felicia Yap. Alexia, Cate and Paula, will sign books immediately following their panels in Osgoode. Closing out a great day, at 4 pm Susan Breen and her co-panelists Scott Adlerberg, Terry Shames, Randall Silvas, Robin Yocum and moderator Valentina Giambanco share thoughts on “Pacing a Mystery: the keys to pacing from writers of a variety of mystery styles.” Immediately afterwards, Susan will be signing at Osgoode. On Sunday, you have a chance to quiz Michele to your heart’s content from 9:20-9:40 while she holds forth as a 20 on the 20s in the VIP room. At 10:30 she’ll be signing in Osgoode. Whew, we will leave tired, but rejuvenated! Hope to see many of you there! And thanks to Alison and Robin for staying behind to hold down the fort below the border. For all the Bouchercon details list the official website here

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