Just What I Needed

Do you believe in signs? Omens? Portents? Serendipity?

I started research for a future book project this week. I didn’t talk to anyone about this research, didn’t blog about the specifics, didn’t post anything to social media. The research involves topics that are painful and frightening and threaten to convince me that the whole world sucks and people are evil. I wondered if I’d be able to continue.

Then something arrived in the mail. At first glance, I thought it was junk mail and almost tossed it into the recycle bin without opening it. But the thickness of the envelope got my curiosity going so I opened it. What I dismissed as “junk” turned out to be something directly related to my research, something I hadn’t asked for and didn’t expect. Relevant information delivered into my hands. I took it as a sign I should persevere.

Have you ever gotten something unexpectedly that turned out to be exactly what you needed? Tell us about it in the comments or join the conversation on social media.

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