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Pastime, noun, “something that serves to make time pass agreeably; a pleasant means of amusement, recreation, or sport.” (

Waiting isn’t easy for most of us, especially in our instant gratification culture. When you can have almost anything you want with the click of a mouse or a few taps on a screen, why wait? Forced waiting sends many of us to our electronic pastimes–downloaded or streaming movies and series, ebooks, music, texting, social media… Low tech pastimes still appeal to some of us. I seldom go anywhere without a novel (printed on paper) or a notebook and pen.

Games provide another way to pass the time. Anyone remember car trip games? “I Spy,” the licence plate game, 6 Degrees of Separation (or of Kevin Bacon). As I mentioned yesterday, we’re in the season of Advent, a time of waiting. Not at time, however, known for games. Advent is a season of reflection. Many churches publish booklets of reflections as worship aids. Google searches turn up hundreds of online Advent reflections. And, yes, there are apps for that. Social media provides another tool. Follow the hashtag #Adventword and discover a virtual Advent calendar where a different word each day throughout the season creates an opportunity to reflect, in word or image, in private or online, about the personal meaning of that word. Secular virtual Advent calendars exist, too. A different giveaway or contest or non-religious image each day helps count down the days until Christmas.

Here at Missdemeanors, we’re spending this time reflecting on new directions for our blog. How many days a week should we post, how often should we re-post new content, how can we better define our target audience, should we do a “Follow Friday” or post cocktail recipes? Too bad we don’t have a Blog-vent calendar–we could open a door each day and find a new idea.

Down here in Guam, I’m passing time by playing a game I made up–Spot the Santa. Festive holiday decorations abound on the island. I’m snapping photos of all the Santas I find.

What are your pastimes? Games, books, electronic escapes? Do you have any suggestions for the blog? Reflect on what the Missdemeanors mean to you and the direction you’d like to see us go. Share your thoughts in the comments or on Facebook.

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