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Today’s blog post was supposed to be the Missdemeanors Question of the Week.

I didn’t realize, earlier this week, that I was on the blog schedule for the Question of the Week day. My brain didn’t translate, “you’re on Friday” into “you’re on Friday, therefore you need to think of something to ask your fellow Missdemeanors before then so you can post the answers on Friday.” I blame winter. (I gotta blame something, right?) It’s my least favorite season and I spend most of it in a funk counting down the days until robins and crocuses reappear. The days seem like one long, dark night and time becomes meaningless. (TBH, every day since March 2020 has seemed like one long, dark night and time has become meaningless.)

Two things happened.

  • I couldn’t think of anything to ask. My creative well is running lower than my car’s gas tank. It being winter doesn’t help. (See above. It’s hard to be creative when you’re sulking.)
  • I also think all of the good questions have been asked. Favorite books, favorite movies, sources of inspiration, resolutions (or lack thereof), favorite foods and drinks—all covered at one time or another. What’s left to ask?

A Better Question

Let me rephrase that. What do you want us to ask? What burning questions do you have for the Missdemeanors? Let’s turn this into an AMA kinda thing. Post your questions in the comments here on the blog, on Facebook, or on Twitter. We’ll try to answer them in our Question of the Week Friday feature. I won’t promise that we’ll answer every question. We definitely won’t answer questions about things like credit card numbers, clothing sizes, mother’s maiden names. The answer to “Can I slide into your DMs?” is “no” so don’t waste your time on that one. And no rudeness. The Friday feature is meant to be fun and informative, not combative.

How about it? Tell us what you want to know!

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