Agatha Raisin

Happy New Year all!

I was going to devote my post today to resolutions, but then M.C. Beaton passed away and I thought, what better way to start the new year than by thinking about someone who brought me so much pleasure. #gratitude

I first began reading her because one of my students raved about the books, and that’s always a good sign. I was immediately drawn in by Agatha Raisin’s humor and intelligence. She’s also middle-aged, tart, easily frustrated and sometimes downright mean. As a writer you’re always trying to figure out how to create a character people will respond to, and I’ve often turned to her books for inspiration. She also had a way of writing humor that was not superficial. Hard to do. It flowed naturally out of Agatha Raisin’s character.

So thank you M.C. Beaton for your gifts. You will be missed.


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