Woe is me!

Do you get depressed after you finish a creation?

I saw an article somewhere online recently that it’s common for people to become depressed after they’ve finished an art creation. Do you?

I don’t. I float around for three days in the state of afterglow that cleaning that bathroom couldn’t kill, were I so inclined. It’s kind of like a semi-permanent chocolate buzz without the sugar let down. If I do anything at all, I deal with the piles of stuff that I left on every surface to remind me to do something.

On the third day, however, I try to do all the stuff that I know I’ll ignore, like cleaning the bathroom, once I start the next project.

What about you? How do you respond emotionally to finishing a project and what do you do before you start the next one?


  1. Hmm… Sometimes it feels like I’m never really done, though. And when I’m truly and really done and I’ve signed off on the final pass, I blink at the outside world like a person just released from a deep, dark well. A well I really enjoyed inhabiting. So, maybe more like just released from Ali Baba’s cave.

  2. I’m like you -on cloud 9. Then I start on my to do list. All the life maintenance things I had put off.

  3. I might go out to lunch or dinner to celebrate and then, even though I claim to want to take time off between projects, I almost immediately gravitate to my computer and work on another project.

  4. I float for a few days in that afterglow, too, then tackle the desk buildup and pull out the folder for a new one. A clear desk let’s me look at the next project with a sense of calm, starting a new journey~

  5. I’m a big afterglow kinda gal. Always enormously relieved it’s DONE!! Sometimes I’ll celebrate with a lone cigarette, an old ritual of mine. Then I play, loaf, and revel in not having that whip at my back.

  6. I finished something a few weeks ago and I do feel depressed. I liked being in that world and I liked the people and I sort of miss them. They were so chatty. Now I have to go back to talking to my dogs. I’m working on a new project, so I’ll have new friends soon, but it takes a while.

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