Visionary Women


This is the coolest thing: Babyvend.  A lady from Anchorage, Alaska, was out somewhere with a baby and realized she didn’t have a diaper. That moment of crisis led her to create Babyvend, a vending machine with diapers and snacks. Her first machine was set up in the Anchorage airport in 2019. Now she has 23 locations throughout the United States including Mall of America. Congratulations Jasmin Smith, you are a visionary!

Liquid Paper

How about Bette Nesmith Graham who invented Liquid Paper! She enabled my short-lived secretarial career while I went to law school. I worked at UC Davis typing up computer forms enrollment forms for University Extension in five copy. I was really bad at it. Fast, but bad. So lined up behind my Selectric II was a bouquet of Liquid Paper: white, pink, green, blue, and goldenrod. She saved my life.

Something So Complicated I Don’t Get It

And then there was Hedy Lamar, the sultry Austrian actress who tinkered with her inventions after she got home from the lot. She invented a frequency-hopping signal that couldn’t be jammed. How would you think up such a thing? I have no idea.

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Keenan Powell


Keenan Powell is the Agatha, Lefty, and Silver Falchion nominated author of the Maeve Malloy Mystery series, Deadly Solution, Hemlock Needle, Hell and High Water.

While still in high school, she was one of the illustrators of the original Dungeons and Dragons. Art seemed an impractical pursuit – not an heiress, wouldn’t marry well, hated teaching – so she went to law school instead. When not writing or practicing law, Keenan can be found oil painting, studying the Irish language, or hanging out with her friends at mystery conventions.

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  1. Babyvend is a cool idea! And Liquid Paper was an absolute necessity back in the day. Marie Curie was always an inspiration to me. I read recently that her papers are still radioactive over 80 years since she passed away.

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