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It is a truth universally acknowledged that an intelligent woman who turns to Twitter for information will soon find herself trapped in a sinkhole of despair.  (Hieronymus Bosch comes to mind.)  However, I’ve found that, by treading carefully, Twitter is actually entertaining. Bordering on inspirational.

The key thing is to be careful about who you follow. Very careful!

When I first joined Twitter, ten or so years ago, I was preoccupied with accumulating as many followers as I could. So I followed everyone. Everyone followed me back. Then I began getting really weird messages and I felt like I was hanging out with some very unusual people, and not in a good way.

So I began to reevaluate. Cut back. Stop worrying about numbers and think about content. I winnowed down my list to people I liked.

Some of my favorite tweeters:

  1. The Monty Don   He is the host of Gardeners World and his Twitter feed is filled with beautiful pictures of gardens. Reading his posts in the morning is like breathing in fresh air. 

2. Deanna Raybourn

She is the author of the Veronica Speedwell mysteries, which I adore. Her Twitter feed is entertaining and just a little bit tart, like her books.

3. Gina Panettieri

All right, I’m slightly biased here because Gina founded the Talcott Notch literary agency that represents me. But that doesn’t stop me from liking her! I always find her posts informative and/or inspirational.

4. Steph Cha

Author of Your House Will Pay, her tweets are insightful and provocative.

How about you? Do you have an account you’d like us to follow? Or a twitter account you enjoy following? Join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter.


  1. I recommend the Crime Writers of Color Twitter account @CrimeWoC. A great resource to help diversify your bookshelf

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