The Waldy & Bendy Podcast

On Sunday mornings, I’m like a little kid flipping on the television to watch Captain Kangaroo because it’s time for a new episode of Waldy & Bendy’s Adventures in Art Podcast!

It sounds juvenile and while at times it may be silly, it is most definitely a podcast designed for grown-up art lovers. Here’s the link: Waldy & Bendy’s Adventures in Art Archives – ZCZ Films.

Not just a Podcast!

It’s not just a podcast – it is so much more. If you access the recordings on the ZCZ link, there is a page dedicated to each episode displaying the works discussed. So even as you hear what the boys have to say, you can see a high-definition image of their subjects. Listening to them on my headphones, it is like having my own two private experts revealing art to me as they see it. The experience is immediate and intimate.

“Waldy” is Waldemar Januszczak, the (London) Sunday Times art critic, author, and BBC presenter of many documentaries including Impressionists Painting and Revolution (2011), Holbein: Eye of the Tudors (2015), and Big Sky, Big Dreams, Big Art: Made in the USA (2018). Several of his shows are available on Amazon and You-tube.

“Bendy” is Bendor Gerard Robert Grosvenor, art historian, writer, and former art dealer. He, too, is a television presenter. You can find his documentaries on Acorn with the US title, Art Detectives, and on You-tube with the UK title, Britain’s Lost Masterpieces.

Why Do They Do It?

The Waldy & Bendy Podcast came into being in response to the pandemic and the UK’s shutdown. Waldy is stuck in a flat in London and Bendy is in a very large, apparently drafty, old house on a farm with real livestock in Scotland. They miss visiting art in museums and galleries and, as good friends, they clearly miss each other, so they put together this delightful podcast to celebrate their common passion.

Each week they tackle a particular subject, such as fakes and forgeries or American art. Often they give us news about expected UK museum and gallery reopenings. Sometimes they interview a guest. The American comedian and abstract art collector Steve Martin appeared in season three. I had no idea he knew so much about art! During season three, they discussed the worst movies made about artists. Waldy didn’t like the Frida Kahlo movie at all but there were many bad ones with which it competed. My favorite feature is “On the Wall”: Waldy and Bendy discuss what artwork they would have in their own homes if things like money and space were not a problem.

It’s a Party! Let’s Celebrate Together!

While the pandemic has isolated us, through podcasts and virtual events like the Waldy & Bendy show, we have connected in ways we might not have before. I hope you check it out. If you love art, I am certain you will love this show as much as I do. And maybe next Sunday morning, we will each curl up in our comfy pajamas in front of our devices and share in this celebration of art.

As for you, dear readers, check in with us on Facebook and tell us about your favorite virtual events.


  1. Besides all the numerous mystery fiction author book launches, interviews, Noir at the Bar and virtual conferences, my top virtual provide is Your Friend in Reykjavik. He is a real-life tour guide and started with posting a LIVE virtual walking tour of Reykjavik at Christmas, with 1000s of people from all over the world watching. I had visited Reykjavik in winter 2015 and 2017, so I recognized a lot of places.

    He continues to post LIVE visits to museums, zoo, shops etc. every week since COVID has not hit Iceland as hard as the rest of Europe. It’s fun to be a virtual tourist and I hope to go back in person some day.

  2. I’m going to have to listen to this podcast! What a great idea and what a service they’ve proved during the pandemic. Maybe these will be some of the good things we look back on.

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