The Not-So-Lonely Part of Writing

One of the best parts of writing crime fiction is getting to meet my heroes. I’ve mentioned this before but it’s still true – crime fiction authors are the nicest people. At last year’s ThrillerFest, I spent time with Lisa Gardner. Her books scare the crap out of me in all the best ways. It was therefore an absolute pleasure when Lisa asked if I’d be willing to talk to her about the technology pieces of her then-work in progress. I jumped at the chance.

I had a great time sharing some of the particulars of digital forensics and the dark web. The results of our conversations are masterfully reflected in Never Tell, Lisa’s latest best seller. By way of thanks, she sent me a signed copy of the book. This photo is now on the desk in my writing lair.

I encourage anyone writing in the genre to join Mystery Writers of America and Sisters In Crime (national and local chapters) to get the inside scoop on the schedule of meeting and events. Then attend those events, even if it’s just one or two a year – you never know what may happen next.

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