The Joy of a Rainy Day

There are all sort of writers. We may carry different umbrellas, wear different clothes, eat different food, speak different languages, celebrate different holidays, yet despite these superficial differences we all share an appreciation for the solitary work of reading and writing. Sure, there are those writers who sparkle at a cocktail parties and rock public speaking engagements, but even those writers crave time alone because it’s only in quiet solitude that we can read and write properly.

Enter the rainy day.

In our 24/7-I’m-busier-than-you culture, it’s hard to hit the pause button and tend to what matters. Except when it rains. When it really rains (a good snow storm will do the trick, too), we’re all given permission to step off the treadmill.

This morning the entire population of New York City woke up to torrential downpours. It’s damp and gray and absolutely lovely for writing. It’s like bad weather is the equivalent of having no cell reception: the distractions that keep us from deep thinking disappear, if only for a few hours. And I, for one, love the permission bad weather gives me to close my office door and be quiet.

With that, I’m back to listening to the rain … and writing. Have a great day everyone, whether it’s sunny or rainy!

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