The Best Birthday Present

Being born the day after Christmas is like arriving to a party as the guests are drying the dishes. People are done celebrating. They’re stuffed and sleepy. They’d like to go to bed. But here you are, compelling some exhausted loved one to get out a dessert plate. I sympathize with the exhausted revelers. On December 26, my birthday, all I want to do is sleep off the food coma and not make breakfast after cooking for days to host family.  Right now, my in laws are giving me the best birthday present, playing with my kids while I camp out in my bedroom, write this blog post, and spend a couple of hours lost in my own thoughts, which is really a wonderful gift for a writer. We need time to just think about feelings and descriptions, to sort the random images that come into our heads. To take note. What is the best birthday present that you have received?   

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