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Women Who Make History

Today is the first day of women’s history month, so even though we Miss Demeanors write fiction, I thought we should kick off the month by celebrating real-life women who make history. For many of us of ‘a certain age’ the concept of women as history-makers was rarely mentioned, but I’m happy to see that attitude changing, even at its current glacial pace.  Women are breaking ground in so many areas: business, politics, science, the arts. I have to say it’s a big change. Back when I was offered the first promotion of my career, I was not allowed to accept the job until I brought in a notarized letter from my husband stating that he understood the new job might require me to work late many evenings, to occasionally travel overnight, or to sometimes come in on weekends.  I was incensed. This was not some rinky-dink ‘Mom & Pop’ company, but a division of a Fortune 500, S&P behemoth. And with attitudes like that prevailing, it’s astonishing how much of history was made by women. So thank you to all the women like  Meg Whitman, Indra Nooyi, and Ginni Rometty who helped change that kind of thinking. You are heroes, and […]

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Mystery writers talk feminism

Last night I was privileged to join four other female writers on a panel at Book Culture in Manhattan. We all write in the mystery / thriller genre, but that wasn’t why we gathered. March 1st was the first day of Women’s History Month and our theme was feminism. In our conversation we didn’t attempt to define feminism for all women or even for ourselves; instead, we examined our books through the lens of our female protagonists – who they are and why we created them. I think that everyone in attendance would agree that it was a good conversation – and one that opened more avenues of discussion. As a writer and reader, I hope that Women’s History Month will remind us to think about the women who have influenced our lives, and the kind of influence we would like to have on the lives of others. At the same time, it is a chance to reflect on powerful women in fiction. How do these characters take the reader outside everyday life? How do they help shape our world, or create a better understanding of our place in it? There are many powerful women in literature – who are the most influential in your life? (Many thanks to my fellow panelists: Susan Breen, Cate Holahan, Kelly Oliver and Carrie Smith. Check out their books in stores and online. Great reads all.) 

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