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Free Writing Lessons from Mother Nature

Before someone has the chance to say, “Enough with the daffodils, Michele,” I promise this will be my final post about them this year. But I’ve had so many lessons from daffodils this year, many of which apply to writing, I wanted to offer one more. This one is about perspective, which writers refer to as “point of view.”             When winter has withered my soul and spring seems impossible, I take to my car in search of the first signs of daffodils. I post photos of stems popping through the earth in agonizing slow motion until there is a splendid array of blossoms. There is one particular yard that I watch and photograph. I always approach it after touring the beaches on the Atlantic Ocean side of my town.             Last week, my husband and I were in a neighboring town on an errand. On the way back, he asked if I would like to tour the beaches and see if the whales that have been periodically performing were back. Of course, I said yes. Have you ever seen whales spouting, breaching, and playing? If you have, you know why I couldn’t refuse.            We turned down the road […]

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