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Character Naming 101

Many years ago, my adult son happened to be talking to me while I was writing. He glanced at my desk and noticed two open books.             “Mom?” he asked, making the word sound as if it had three syllables.             I laughed out loud when I glanced down to see he was looking at two books filled with names for new babies. I assured him the books were purely for reference and that he would retain the title of my only son, also known as The Crown Prince.             Ask any writer and they will tell you that naming characters is trickier than you might imagine. In theory, it sounds like fun. I think I’ll name the murderer Mia, I say to myself. Mia has recently become a very popular name and since I am a writer of a certain age, I want my readers to know I’m very hip, a word that proves I am anything but. My killer is a 66-year-old retired schoolteacher who has murdered her husband. If she’s 66, she was born in 1955. It is doubtful her parents named her Mia, which originated from Miriam or Maria and means “mine” or “dear. Mia ranked […]

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