Can we talk about shoes?

A few years ago, I went to the Boucheron World Mystery Convention, when it was in Toronto. One thing led to another and I wound up at a John Fluevog shoe store with fellow Miss Demeanor, Alexia Gordon. (We were on our way to a haunted walking tour, but that’s another story.)

The most fabulous shoes I own.

Never had I seen such amazing shoes, in so many colors, with such fabulous heels. I am strictly an Easy Spirit person, but I couldn’t resist. I splurged on this pair of shoes, and even though I don’t wear them a lot, or not at all in the last year or so, I get pleasure out of looking at them. They are works of art. Plus they have this cute engraving on the bottom.

Nothing like looking at the bottom of your shoes and feeling inspired.

Iwas thinking about shoes because tomorrow, author Christina Chiu, is coming to my book club to discuss her novel, Beauty. In real life, Christina is a shoe designer, and when she writes about shoes, you see them in a whole new way.

“Black boots. There in the window. Could they really be lace? Wow. Floral and paisley-drops. Open-toed, trimmed with leather, knee high. They’d go perfect with my strapless. Sexy, yet delicate. A smidgen of the masculine. Dolce and Gabbana? No, judging from the pencil-thin heels, Jimmy Choo. Yes. No. Maybe.”

Beauty, page. 11

How about you? Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?


  1. Oh, I used to HAUNT the John Fluevog store in Manhattan when I lived/worked there. I loved all their shoes and owned several pairs. Now my favorite is a pair of Harley Davidson ankle boots. I wear them with everything, dresses, tights, or slacks, and I wear them at any temperature under 75.

  2. Alas, I gave away all of my high heels. I could no longer wear them because of bunions. I grieve for the red pat stilettos. But they went to a very nice home.

    You know who is the queen of shoes: Hank Phillippi Ryan. I always check out her shoes when I see her at the cons.

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