Plays Well With Others

Every now and then I see aspiring authors throw tantrums on social media. Another one happened last week, so epically ill-advised it went viral within the publishing community and beyond. Seems like a good time to remind folks that writing is a team sport. True, it’s one person’s rear end in the chair at a keyboard or notebook. But if you’re following the path of traditional publishing, you’ll work with freelance editors to polish your manuscript before querying. You’ll attend conferences. Pitch agents. Once you sign with someone, you’ll work with editors and publishers. Whether you’re agented or self-published, you’ll need to reach out to others to help you promote your work – book stores, libraries, media, etc. Ultimately, the goal is to interact with readers. What do all of these groups have in common? They’re made up of people. Lots and lots of them. What was true in grade school is still true in adulthood – how you treat others counts. Social skills are the fundamental key to advancement in any career. And to enjoying life. I know it’s hard. Writing a book – or two or three – can take a long time. At times, it’s frustrating. But unless you play well with others, you may never get invited to the sandbox to experience the good parts. 

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