Pawsitive Thinking

My dog has been sick for the last few months. It’s been a process to try to figure out what’s wrong. We started keeping a journal to see if we could figure out the triggers to her symptoms. I mention this because, first, it’s extremely helpful for vet visits, and second, because it’s introduced a level of discipline to make sure my partner and I are consistent and diligent in logging what the dog eats, when, and what happens next.

This got me thinking about the discipline it takes to write. It’s been a year of sometimes dramatic ups and downs. I suspect every one of us can say the same. Because we all have ups and downs. And we all have aspirations and frustrations. And we all have good days and bad days. And we all have distractions. And Internet (if you’re reading this right now). And…and…and…

The one constant in this odd year is that I’ve been disciplined about writing. Some days, I write 2 sentences. Others, I write 2 pages. I’m not judging myself about word count. But the same way I’m tracking what my dog eats, I keep working on my current manuscript. As Shonda Rhimes said, “You want to be a writer? A writer is someone who writes every day – so start writing.”

We still don’t know what’s wrong with my dog. The vet tells me stomach problems are notoriously difficult to diagnose. Right now, she’s eating in the kitchen. So, while she’s occupied, please excuse me. I’ve got some writing to do.

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