This week’s been a rough one. I’ve got a deadline for edits on the manuscript for book two in the Gethsemane Brown series looming, I’ve had to write blog posts this week, I’m on temporary assignment for work, enrolled in a graduate level course where an entire semester’s worth of assignments are crammed into 28 days. Oh yeah, and I’m making a lightning quick weekend trip to Massachusetts to attend my first New England Crime Bake conference–with edits and homework stuffed in my carry-on. I had grand plans for NaNoWriMo but you know the old saying about mice. Add to all that the fear and anxiety I feel after recent events left me wondering if a significant portion of my fellow Americans declared open season on people who look like me and I’ve been fighting hard all week the urge to curl up in a ball in the back of the closet and cry. Then something happened to remind me good people still exist in this world, people who will offer you support without you even asking for it.My class was making plans for the weekend–lunch, museums, bowling, distillery tours. When I explained I wouldn’t be joining them because I’d be at New England Crime Bake and told them I’d recently published my first novel, they were happy and excited for me. Thirteen people who I didn’t know–never even seen–before we arrived on campus three weeks ago wished me well. They asked questions about the conference and my novel and at out being an author. Some even said they’d buy my book. They showed genuine interest in, and concern for, me. My spirits rose from somewhere around my big toe to the center of my chest. I still wanted to cry but for different reasons. Good reasons.Although I’m still stressed about my workload I no longer feel the world’s turned against me. I’ll finish my edits and my homework, sign up for Camp NaNo in the spring, and enjoy the conference. And when someone shares their news with me I’ll be happy for them and wish them well.

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