New York, New Yorkers, and Dru Ann Love

 I admit it. I love New York … for a lot of reasons. There are the little things. The first crisp morning in the fall, a bag of still-warm bagels, early morning walks in Central Park, getting lost in the Met, ogling cheeses at Agata & Valentina, ogling shoes at Diane B, noodles in Korea Town, chopped chicken Cobb salad from my local diner. Then there are the big things. The names that get capitalized and are spoken of with reverence: The Whitney, The U.S. Open, Eleven Madison Park, Fashion Week, Broadway, The Empire State Building. You know, all those things that get described as world class? That list is long. Then, there are the New Yorkers. I’ve lived in several small towns, a suburb or two, and a few big cities. New Yorkers are some of the most helpful, quirky, friendly, and fabulous people you’ll ever meet, which is why I’m dedicating this week to loving New Yorkers. I’m playing journalist for the next few days as I track down some of New York’s very own book people, starting with a woman who needs no introduction, Dru Ann Love. As anyone who has had the pleasure of meeting Dru, you know she absolutely radiates positivity and kindness. Not only is she a 2017 MWA Raven Award Recipient and blogger extraordinaire, she’s also a native New Yorker. While she’s usually the one doing the asking, I pinned her down and asked her a few questions of my own.  Alison: First of all, congratulations on being nominated for the 2018 Anthony Award Best Online Content! I’m not alone in knowing that Dru’s Book Musings is one of the best on-line resources for both mystery readers and mystery writers. None of us who check out your blog regularly would want to live without out it. Thank you. What amazes me constantly is how much and how quickly you read. How many books do you get through in an average week? Dru: Thank you. On average, I read 2-3 books per week. If I read short stories or a story featured in an anthology, that may bring the number of books read up to four. Alison: Your “day in the life” is genius. It’s such a fun way for readers to get to know characters from their favorite books. How did you come up with the idea? Dru: I told this story multiple times, but I’ll put a different spin to this question. You know how sometimes you finish a book that captured your attention and you felt part of all the action? So, after the killer is caught, don’t you think, what else is the protagonist going to do next in their normal life? And that’s how I came up with this feature. What is a typical day when the protagonist is not chasing down clues and solving a murder. Alison: As someone who has read as much as you have–and with an analytical eye–can you tell us what makes you fall in love with a novel? Dru: Sometimes it’s that first page or the first chapter or it can also be the characters. A book, again, that pulls you in where you wish you had 24 solid hours to enjoy the story being told. Sometimes I can judge a good book when I missed my subway stop because I got immersed in all that I was reading. Alison: Do you consider yourself a New Yorker?  Dru: I was born and raised and still live in the borough of Brooklyn. A true New Yorker born and bred, can tell you the exact borough, neighborhood and street where they grew up. The right of passage for a New Yorker is taking that first solo subway ride or bus ride.  Alison: What New York writers do you love?  Dru: Too many to count and do you mean New York City writers? If so, there is you, Susan Elia MacNeal, Cathi Soler, Triss Stein, Annamaria Alfieri, Hilary Davidson, Jane K. Cleland, Elizabeth Zelvin, Carrie Smith to name a few. Alison: What about New York could you not live without?  Dru: The subway, since I don’t drive.  That may be the most New Yorker answer one could get. Thank you, Dru!           

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