A New Holiday?

I love Mother’s Day, but I also love the day after Mother’s Day. I feel like it’s a moment of Zen after a very intense build-up.

If you have a mother, you hope you’re making her happy. Or possibly not. If you’ve lost your mother, you miss her. Or you feel you should. If you have children, you adore them (though judging by some of the Facebook posts I read yesterday, you don’t.) But you might be sad that you can’t see them. Or you mourn them, if you’ve lost them.

 If you don’t have children, you’re sad about that. Or you’re glad about that, (but you’re tired of everyone asking you why you don’t.)

So I think the Monday after Mother’s Day should be National Take-a-Break Day. We should all eat Snicker’s bars and watch Schitt’s Creek and celebrate Moira Rose, the most fabulous mother of them all.

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