I’ve Seen the Future

And I Can’t Wait to Get My Hands On It

If you’re a geek and an Apple fan like me, you probably sat through the Apple WWDC opening keynote this week to learn about what would be coming up in the next releases of the operating systems and what new hardware they’d be introducing. To tell the truth, I had my eye on the new 15-inch MacBook Air in midnight. It’s nowhere near as powerful as my existing MacBook Pro, but I’ve been lusting after the color. Oh, Apple Marketing, you know me so well.

And if you follow this stuff, you’d probably also heard the rumors about a new AR (augmented reality) device they were planning to introduce. “Ho Him,” I thought. “For gamers.”

Well, boy was I wrong. I believe that the new Vision Pro will be as transformative as the original Apple computer, as the first Mac, as the first iPhone and the first iPad. That is to say, huge. Despite the hefty price tag. Not transformative for gamers. Not necessarily for families. But for us. For writers.

While watching the demo, I could see myself typing in mid-air, creating my novels not only out of the vast empty space in my mind (that’s a joke, folks. It’s not that vast.) but also in the vast virtual empty space I could create in front of me. No more hassles with which apps to have open and do I have enough screen real estate to manage that. Boom. There they are.

I immediately knew I had to have one, even though I also knew it would be replaced in a year with a better model, and again the following year. At that point, it would become truly usable. But to be honest, I’ll buy and love every iteration. I can’t wait.


  1. I am in awe of you for wanting this and being willing to use it in your writing— look forward to hearing about your experience with it, whenever you get it!

    1. I love tools and technology and poking around to see “what happens if I…” But I never care about technology just for the sake of cool technology. I’m actually only interested if I can see how it will improve my process. This one absolutely will, and I am so looking forward to getting started!!

  2. I knew you’d love this! I want another post once you start using so you can tell all. You’re one brave Miss Demeanors!

  3. This is interesting. And I do love my Mac, but I had to google WWDC to find out what it meant.

  4. I’m a PC girl and don’t think I can learn a whole new system. But I’m excited to find out what you think. And the technology will be coming to my world too. Eventually!

    1. Unless you’re an old techie like me, you probably don’t know that the windows interface was modeled on the Mac. But the big advantage of the Mac is that it just takes care of itself. No worries about drivers and updates. I used PCs for years because I worked for Microsoft or for companies that sold Windows based software, so I knew it well and became adept at troubleshooting. When I rejoined the Apple world, I remembered how much simpler and fluid it is.

  5. I’m very curious about it as well. One more thing to learn and master… I wonder how it will affect ecommerce and if I’ll need to learn how to design for it, the way I had to learn how to design for a phone.

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