Hope You All Had a Great Thanksgiving

The day after Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite days of the year. I don’t shop. I never worked when I had a regular job. I don’t cook or clean or do laundry.

So what’s left to do?

Well, I hang out.

Those of you who’ve had the opportunity—or been forced somehow—to read my prior year Thanksgiving columns, know that my Thanksgivings are fraught with danger.

What Can Possibly be So Dangerous?

Turkeys refuse to roast no matter how long they sit in the oven, so they are later slathered in gravy and eaten pink. Other times, I’ve dropped the hot roasting pan and the perfectly done turkey slides across the kitchen leaving a trail of scalding grease.

But it’s not just turkeys that are my nemesis. Any part of the meal can fail. Spectacularly.

Food catches on fire. Pies fall on the floor. The potatoes burn–badly. I forget to put the biscuits in the oven until after the dessert has been served.

But I Am Blessed

So it’s no wonder that the day after the holiday is spent in relaxation and recovery. I count my blessings as well as my remaining fingers and toes.

Whatever your holiday was like, I hope you enjoyed it. One thing I’m thankful for every year is my fellow Miss Demeanors and our readers. Thank you, one and all.

About Sharon Ward

Sharon Ward is the author of the Fin Fleming Scuba Diving Mystery Series, which includes In Deep, Sunken Death, Dark Tide, Killer Storm, Hidden Depths, and Sea Stars. Rip Current, the seventh book, will be released in early 2024. Now available in audiobooks, ebooks and print.

Sharon was a marketing executive before becoming a novelist. She was a PADI certified divemaster who has hundreds of dives under her weight belt. She is a member of Sisters in Crime, MWA, ITW, and several other writing organizations. She lives near Cape Cod with her husband Jack and their miniature long-haired dachshund Molly, the actual head of the Ward household.


  1. Thanks, sweetie. We went out to eat yesterday and I had sushi. Guess what? At the end of the day I had to admit it was just the kind of day I wanted. At least, this year. I needed to decompress from my launch day on Tuesday and all I wanted to do was write, write, write.

    1. Sounds heavenly. We had the usual crowd, although slightly smaller than usual since my granddaughter and her wife moved to NY. And I didn’t have a major disaster, for the first time in over 30 years. I consider the day a success, although not as perfect as yours.

  2. I had the same kind of day. However, I did intend to cook, had the shopping list ready, the turkey ordered and plans for a pumpkin pie. But the universe had other plans and my refrigerator conked out on Sunday night. Luckily we planned to shop on Monday and the Turkey was scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday so we cancelled the Turkey and made a reservation at an excellent restaurant just a half block away from us.

    1. I’m getting over strep throat and couldn’t handle cooking a big meal. We ordered from a local caterer, picked up the food we’d chosen from many offerings, and opened foil dishes and dug in! I did make pumpkin pies as though are Doc’s favorite. Easiest TDay ever for a small crew! Why hadn’t I thought of this before?

    2. Well, it’s not as bad as the year my oven caught on fire with the turkey inside, but it’s pretty bad. I’m glad your holiday turned out ok anyway

  3. The day after Thanksgiving is MY holiday. I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do. If all I want to do is sit, read, watch the fire in the wood stove and sip champagne, then that’s what I do. Christmas cards? Sure if I feel like getting the ones off that go across the pond. Mull over how to decorate the house for Christmas in a week or two? Yeah, maybe. Turkey didn’t come anywhere close to this house yesterday except for the live ones that live in the woods behind us. A Grande Aioli was had at lunch and homemade pasta pesto for dinner. I made the pesto, hubs makes the pasta. An apple blackberry galette was had while watching BBC’s Masterchef. Not one single stressful moment all day.
    But I still might do nothing today. ; )

    1. Why do we do this to ourselves?

      Luckily, Jack doesalmost the entire cleanup, so I am blessed to have him. I don’t say he’ the most perfect husband in the universe for nothing.

  4. I made the turkey, baked gluten free rosemary dinner rolls, made mashed potatoes. Two days ago I made a cheesecake. Yesterday I also cleaned the fridge and oven before starting the cooking. Today the most I intend to do is decide which side I want to sleep on.

  5. I cooked and ate. we went to see Napoleon, in IMAX (unintentionally), and it was suitably impressive, but should have been a streaming miniseries at least. maybe several seasons’ worth. and saturday, museum day with my son! grateful for every moment 😊

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