Happy Book Birthday: Paula Munier!

Today, I would like to wish a happy book birthday to my agent Paula Munier, one of the regular contributors to this blog and the link between many of us Missdemeanors.

Paula’s first book in the Mercy & Elvis series, “A Borrowing of Bones,” was a wonderful read. I know I speak for many of the Missdemeanors when I say I look forward to reading the second installment of her series: “Blind Search.”

I admire Paula, not only as an agent, but as someone who can craft a character to whom readers feel attached enough to continue reading about. This is no easy feat. I’ve tried to have protagonists who could carry over into other books and have failed. For me, they always end up in a place where their story is finished and their inner workings have been completely laid bare.

Partially, I think, this is a function of the sub-genre in which I write. It’s difficult to have the protagonists of psychological thrillers continue into another book once their internal damage has been revealed. It’s not impossible, however. Patricia Highsmith did it.

I think my difficulty is about creating complex yet also completely lovable characters–people a reader can continue routing for after much of their backstories and corresponding flaws have been exposed. Paula does this, as do many of the Missdemeanors. Kudos are much deserved. (Maybe one day, I’ll learn their secrets)

Can’t wait to read this one!

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