I wanted to write about friendship because it’s the word that I most associate with Miss Demeanors. These women are not only marvelous writers, but they are also marvelous human beings. I’ve lost count of the number of times someone has shared a kind thought or helpful piece of advice. I really can’t imagine the past two years without them.

I have a pet theory why writers tend toward friendship. Writing is inherently a solitary endeavor, yet at the same time it is an exercise in social interaction. Writers must spend a lot of time in other people’s heads because the best stories are the ones where even the most flawed characters are treated with respect and empathy. That skill for compassion on the page can’t help but seep into real life.

As a flawed character myself, I’ll attest that it’s a lovely thing to be among people skilled in compassion. I am grateful to be welcomed into this community of writers.

Thank you, friends!


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