Being a Miss Demeanor

This week we’ve added two new writers to our roster. It’s exciting to read new voices and make new friends, but it’s also made me reflect on the almost three years it’s been since I got an e mail from our fabulous agent, Paula Munier, saying, Group blogs are great! You will love these people! Or words to that effect.

For our official launch at Bouchercon in August 2016, we made up these posters. I remember how much fun it was sitting around the hotel in New Orleans and drinking Bulleit Old Fashioneds, I think. Don’t actually remember. Since then there have been a lot of conferences, panels, book signings, e mails, conversations.

I wondered how my fellow Miss Demeanors felt about it all, and this is what they had to say.

The writing business is so fickle, there are only two things that sustain me. The first is the act of writing. The second is the writing community. I consider my fellow Miss Demeanors my writing family and rejoice when a member is triumphant and console when she hits a momentary bump in the road. I know I can count on my writing family to do the same for me. There is nothing better than that. Grateful.


It means a lot. I second what everyone else has said, and I will add that I really don’t want to imagine what my debut year would have been without all of your wise advice and unending kindness. Thank you! 


There are so many ups and downs, good days, great days, and downright sucky days, I can’t imagine navigating the course without my Miss Demeanors posse. Well, actually, I have a vivid imagination so I can. It’s not pretty. You all make me a better writer, and a better person. I feel blessed every day to be in your company.

At ThrillerFest


As a debut author, joining Miss Demeanors means having a group of friends to join me on the journey as well as a safe resource for questions and concerns. You’ve already helped me feel at home in the mystery-writing community. Meeting many of you at Malice was one of the highlights of the conference for me. I’m looking forward to getting to know you.


I was fortunate to join you gals when I was just starting out…. didn’t have a book published (but it was scheduled for release….) and you were my constant connection to the world of books from the author side. A group to turn to with questions and concerns and every day I felt like we were connected – even if it was only through your posts. Since then my gratitude has only grown. Thanks for the friendship….. 


I love writing, but I find that it is a humbling profession often filled with criticism and rejection. Behind every YES! to a book are rejected submissions, demands for rewrites and changes to beloved characters. Mixed among the good reviews are always folks that didn’t get it or objected to something. There are editors that would prefer stories more “on trend” or that think a book is missing something, which they can’t elucidate.
The MissDemeanors work to build each other up, knowing how this profession tends to break people down. I appreciate that. 


I’m the newest member of Miss Demeanors and I can say right away that it means a lot to be working with a dedicated, encouraging, and creative group. One of the things I wish I’d known earlier, is that you don’t have to do this writing project / career on your own. You need positive input and when it comes with creative collaboration, and maybe a martini or two, it’s priceless. I’m so excited to get to be part of Miss Demeanors. 

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